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Polymetal operates complex processes on a large scale in remote locations. We are committed to ensuring environmental progress by minimising the footprint of our operations and achieving greater efficiencies across our sites and facilities.

Our policies and processes are designed to ensure that we are able to manage and mitigate our risks and grow in a way that does not damage the natural environment. To control environmental risks, we have developed a robust environmental management system (EMS) that complies with increasingly sophisticated national and international standards and regulations. This system is overseen by dedicated environmental teams, and focuses on resource and energy efficiency, pollution prevention, use of modern equipment and technologies and employee engagement. Our EMS is based on international best practice and complies with relevant Russian and Kazakh legislation.

At the heart of the management system is our environmental policy, which focuses on the use of best practice, continuous improvement, risk reduction, compliance and management of specific environmental issues. It also focuses strongly on incident and emergency control, the use of environmentally friendly materials and resource efficiency.

Meanwhile our in-house engineering operation, Polymetal Engineering, employs specialists in the design and construction of mines and processing facilities. All ecological aspects are taken into account during the new facility design stage.

Supplier environmental assessment

All of our suppliers comply with applicable laws and regulations. In our formal contractual agreements, we insist that our suppliers meet their compliance requirements.

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