Culture, purpose and values

Our purpose

We believe responsible and efficient mining can be a force for good for society. We aspire to be equal to the challenge and deliver benefits to all impacted by our corporate existence.

Corporate culture

Polymetal’s culture is firmly aligned with its strategy and recognised and supported by the Board. The success of Polymetal is entirely down to its people. Our robust performance is based on each employee taking pride in their work and responsibility for their actions, understanding their individual impact on the business and being open to new challenges.

Growth through innovation

We deliver growth using a range of strategies and innovative solutions. By thinking creatively, we are able to explore future opportunities for expanding our operations that are often overlooked by other companies. We are not afraid of turning challenging situations to our advantage in order to progress towards our goals.

A learning company

We secure our future by encouraging continuous learning and self-development among all our employees. Our culture of continuous learning with Group-wide training and development opportunities is critical to improving skills, motivating employees and ensuring the ongoing success of the Company. As part of the cycled-learning process, we provide professional and managerial education through our corporate training network, digital training hubs and training centres. Given our vast geography, we have also developed advanced distance-learning systems to complement the work of our training centres and on-site training facilities. Innovative methods are widely used to train our Talent Pool and target groups for key positions throughout the Company.

A shared corporate culture

Sustainability and safety are our licence to operate. Responsibility at all levels of the Company is key to ensuring strong governance and ethics: from the Board of Directors to the Group as a whole, down to individual subsidiaries and to the employees. Accountability at all levels from the Board down is seen as central to embedding a shared corporate culture within Polymetal and employees have a vital role to play in reinforcing corporate values, both at work and in their everyday lives. Our corporate culture is pivotal to delivering the long-term success of the Company and the Board recognises that our employees are central to this process.

Focus in 2021

In 2020, several internal studies and focus groups were carried out among employees to determine the status of the existing corporate culture. The results have helped management gain an understanding of perceptions about the corporate culture. In 2021, we plan to update the values system and cascade this to all employees through briefings and training. Corporate values will be further integrated into HR recruitment processes and used in individual development plans for existing employees. The Board acknowledges that culture and values are not set in stone and that their development and implementation is an ongoing process. A strong corporate culture that is aligned with the Company’s strategic values will help define Polymetal’s future success.

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