Strategic objectives and performance

Constantly delivering on our strategic goals

Performance in 2019
Targets for 2020
  • Robust performance
  • Robust performance
Performance in 2019
1.5 Moz GE
  • 1.6 Moz GE produced in 2019, up 3% year-on-year and above original guidance
$1,075 million
  • $1,075 million adjusted EBITDA up 38% compared with 2018
$385 million
  • $385 million dividend declared ($0.82 per share)
  • 5% increase in reserves
  • Excellent exploration results at existing mines, notably Kyzyl, Veduga and Kutyn
Targets for 2020
  • 1.5 Moz GE production
  • Development projects at existing operations, aimed at either extending the life-of-mine or reducing costs, namely at Mayskoye, Voro and Dukat
  • $650—700/GE oz Total cash costs guidance
  • Commitment to a zero-fatalities target and further improvements across health and safety
  • Delivering growth
  • Delivering growth
Performance in 2019
  • Start of construction
  • First ore mined
  • Plant framework construction and winterisation completed
  • Start of detailed engineering and contracting
  • Autoclave foundation completed
Targets for 2020
  • Start of equipment installation
  • Construction and commissioning of power plant to be completed
  • Receipt of all permits
  • Delivery of the autoclave on-site
  • Securing the future
  • Securing the future
Performance in 2019
2.8 Moz
  • 2.8 Moz more than doubling ore reserves at Veduga
5.7 Moz of Pde
  • 5.7 Moz of PdE updated mineral resources estimate for Viksha
  • 110% increase in gold contained to 812 Koz — updated open-pit ore reserves estimate at Kutyn
  • First strategic partnerships with junior exploration companies
Targets for 2020
  • Additional drilling and initial ore reserves estimate for Prognoz
  • Complete ore reserves estimate update at Veduga
  • Further advancing and exploration activities at Viksha
  • Continuing investment in greenfield exploration through partnerships with junior exploration companies
  • Governance and sustainability
  • Governance and sustainability
Performance in 2019
  • Full compliance with the provisions of the UK Corporate Governance Code Industry Mover distinction from RobecoSAM for excellent sustainability performance
  • MSCI Environmental, Social and Governance Leaders index
  • Amursk POX and Voro plants certified as being in full compliance with the International Cyanide Management Code
  • Full disclosure on tailings storage facilities Sustainability-linked loan with Societe Generale
  • Average Board tenure reduced to 4.5 years
  • 33% female directors
Targets for 2020
  • Ultimate goal of zero fatalities and LTIFR ≤ 0.2 at all operations
  • New sustainability/ESG KPI for the Group CEO and relevant senior management
  • 30% female representation in the diversity target group
  • Financial assessment of climate-related risks within our climate management system
  • Continuous reduction of fresh water use
  • Further implementation of dry-stack storage method across the Group
  • Continued compliance with global and local best practices

While the selected annual report is being downloaded, we want to draw your attention to the Sustainability Report. It provides detailed information on ESG indicators.

While the selected files are being downloaded, we want to draw your attention to the reports on the sustainable development of the company. They provide detailed information on ESG indicators.

You can also download historical data on sustainable development.