Strategic objectives and performance

Constantly delivering on our strategic goals

Performance in 2020
Targets for 2021
  • Robust performance
  • Robust performance
Performance in 2020
1.5 Moz GE
  • 1.56 Moz GE produced in 2020, up 4% year-on-year and 4% above original guidance
$1,686 million
  • $1,686m adjusted EBITDA up 57% compared with 2019
$608 million
  • $608m dividend proposed ($1.29 per share)
10% increase in Reserves
  • Excellent brown and greenfield exploration results
Targets for 2021
  • 1.5 Moz GE produced
  • Development projects at existing operations, aimed at either extending the life-of-mine or reducing costs
  • $700—750/GE oz Total Cash Costs guidance
  • Commitment to a zero-fatalities target and further improvements across health and safety
  • Delivering growth
  • Delivering growth
Performance in 2020
  • Concentrator building, site roads, infrastructure completed
  • Equipment installation
  • Construction of the power line linking the site to the grid in progress
  • Detailed engineering is 95% finalized by Hatch (POX) and 50% by Polymetal (other areas)
  • Building metal framework and concentrate storage facility completed
  • Autoclave delivered and installed
Targets for 2021
  • Commissioning and first production in Q4 2021
  • Construction works at POX area (Hatch scope) and other processing areas (Polymetal scope)
  • Internal and external infrastructure
  • Installation of cryogenic oxygen equipment
  • Securing the future
  • Securing the future
Performance in 2020
2.2 Moz
  • of gold initial Ore Reserves estimate at East Bakyrchik (Kyzyl)
142 Moz
  • of silver Ore Reserves estimate at Prognoz
399 Koz
  • of gold Ore Reserves estimate at Pescherny extending Voro life-of-mine
  • Investment in greenfield exploration through partnerships with junior exploration companies
Targets for 2021
  • Complete Ore Reserve estimate at Veduga
  • Complete initial Ore Reserve estimate at Tomtor REM project
  • Prepare initial Ore Reserve estimate at Talgiy (Albazino hub)
  • Continue exploration at existing JVs with juniors and enter into several new strategic partnerships
  • Governance and sustainability
  • Governance and sustainability
Performance in 2020
    33% female directors
    4% Decrease of GHG intensity (Scope 1 + Scope 2)
    • Co-founded the non-profit organization Women in Mining Russia
    • Signed a $125 million green loan with Société Générale under the Green Financing Framework
    • Signed Memorandum of Understanding with SMT Scharf AG for a potential strategic co-operation in underground electric vehicles development
    • Included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Emerging Markets Indices
    • Improved CDP Climate Change score from D to B-
Targets for 2021
  • Ultimate goal of zero fatalities and LTIFR ≤ 0.2 at all operations
  • Improve equality and diversity, including women’s representation in the Talent Pool
  • Update climate change scenarios and implement mitigating actions required to achieve the 2°C trajectory
  • Continuous reduction of fresh water use
  • Further implementation of dry stack storage method across the Group
  • Continued compliance with global and local best practices

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