Key goals and Strategy

The Board has proposed to dispose on the Polymetal’s Russian business as this presents the most viable opportunity for the Group to restore shareholder value by removing or substantially mitigating critical political, legal, financial and operational risks to the Polymetal Retained Group.

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Key goal

We are focused on growth and making a positive impact across all our operations

Our strategic priorities

Meaningful organic growth

Build and advance long-term growth pipeline

We want to secure high-quality sources of long-term growth through advancing development projects, investing in our own greenfield exploration programme and extending life-of-mine by investing in near-mine exploration. We are actively looking at targets within the Former Soviet Union where we can create value with our core competencies. This will allow us to generate free cash flow and translate it into significant dividends.

Global leadership in refractory ore processing

Unlocking the value of refractory reserves

Excelling in environmentally friendly refractory ore processing, we aim to process 100% of the Company’s refractory ore in-house.

High standards of ESG through impact assessment

Maintain high standards of corporate governance and sustainable development

Maintaining high standards of corporate governance and sustainable development gives us a licence to operate and the much-needed trust of all stakeholders. Health and safety at our operations is a key priority.

Capital discipline & sustainable dividends through the cycle

Significant dividend and robust balance sheet

Our world-class assets, combined with our very strong balance sheet, support our ability to provide superior cash returns to shareholders and accelerate dividend pay-out as leverage decreases.

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