Standarts and policies

Documents related to the activities of the Board of Directors Policies and Standards
Division of responsibilities between chair and group chief executive officer and role of senior independent director
pdf, 130.6 Kb
Policy on Independence and Provision of Non-Audit Services
pdf, 361.44 Kb
Audit and Risk Committee Terms of Reference
pdf, 183.11 Kb
Nomination Committee Terms of Reference
pdf, 142.29 Kb
Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference
pdf, 143.74 Kb
Safety and Sustainability Committee Terms of Reference
pdf, 89.46 Kb
Schedule of matters reserved for the Board
pdf, 94.66 Kb


Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement 2020
pdf, 427.04 Kb
Human rights policy
pdf, 156.26 Kb
HR Policy
pdf, 155.41 Kb
Community engagement policy
pdf, 147.2 Kb
Employment and labour standard
pdf, 280.92 Kb
Diversity and Inclusion Policy
pdf, 150.59 Kb
Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement 2019
pdf, 99 Kb


Green financing framework
pdf, 1.65 Mb
Environmental policy
pdf, 158.21 Kb
Tailings and Water Storage Facilities Management Policy
pdf, 157.47 Kb
Energy policy
pdf, 168.98 Kb
Acid rock drainage management (corporate standard)
pdf, 114.23 Kb
Mine closure policy
pdf, 183.36 Kb
Climate Change Policy
pdf, 171.77 Kb


Health and safety policy
pdf, 342.4 Kb

Business ethics and payment transparency

Code of Conduct
pdf, 620.49 Kb
Supplier code of conduct
pdf, 367.65 Kb
Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy
pdf, 193.6 Kb
Gifts and Entertainment Policy
pdf, 143.1 Kb
Policy on Disciplinary Action for Violation of Anti-Bribery and Corruption Procedures
pdf, 175.4 Kb
Policy on use of agents, representatives, intermediaries and contractors’ due diligence
pdf, 394.22 Kb
Political and Charitable Donations Policy
pdf, 150.7 Kb
Whistleblowing Policy
pdf, 225.29 Kb
Policy on Independence and Provision of Non-Audit Services
pdf, 361.44 Kb
Group Tax Strategy
pdf, 142.16 Kb
Procurement Policy
pdf, 154.68 Kb
Fair Competition and Anti-Trust Policy
pdf, 156.8 Kb


Privacy notice
pdf, 156.13 Kb

You are downloading Integrated Annual Report . Please note that some ESG data are available in Sustainability Performance Data 2021 (GRI and SASB) that outlines our key non‑financial performance information for financial year 2021.

While the selected files are being downloaded, we want to draw your attention to the reports on the sustainable development of the company. They provide detailed information on ESG indicators.

You can also download historical data on sustainable development.