COVID-19 update

Health and safety
  • Strict precautionary procedures, previously implemented, including 14-day mandatory isolation of new shifts and limitations on meetings and travel, are maintained at all production sites and offices. These restrictions are expected to continue at least into Q2 2021.
  • Mayskoye suffered a C-19 outbreak in September. All infected persons and their contacts were transferred to observatory facilities or hospitals. All mining and processing activities continued at regular pace.
  • In September, Olcha underground and open pit (part of Omolon hub) returned to production after a 5-week stoppage caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. All people infected (approximately 50) have recovered. The stoppage is not expected to result in any production or cost downgrades.
Business continuity
  • Russia is undergoing a second wave of the pandemic with daily infections above the previous peak levels seen in May. Some regions partially re-introduced restrictive measures. Kazakhstan lifted most of the quarantine restrictions in August following significant drops in the number of infected and intensive care admissions. The infection rates were stable in Q3.
  • At the same time, governments have relaxed a number of cross-border travel restrictions allowing flights between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus to resume. This has facilitated bringing Kazakh employees to Dukat and Mayskoye.
  • Sales and refining activities remain unaffected. Refineries in Russia and Kazakhstan continue to operate normally.
  • In both countries, Polymetal has had no interruptions either in production or supply chain. The vast majority of operating consumables and spares are sourced domestically and from China.
Assistance to communities
  • Polymetal continues to provide varied financial and operational support to healthcare facilities across all regions of its presence with US$ 2.9 million spent so far in 2020. The main areas of assistance include purchasing PPE, medical supplies, and specialized diagnostic equipment.

While the selected annual report is being downloaded, we want to draw your attention to the Sustainability Report. It provides detailed information on ESG indicators.

While the selected files are being downloaded, we want to draw your attention to the reports on the sustainable development of the company. They provide detailed information on ESG indicators.

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