Polymetal’s MSCI ESG Rating has been upgraded to AA from A

Polymetal has completed the divestment of its Russian business on 7 March 2024. Please see the relevant announcement at the link. Operating and financial results as well as other information on this website until 7 March 2024 represent the Group in its former organizational structure, i.e. including Russian business, unless otherwise stated.

6 August 2021

Polymetal is pleased to announce that following the latest review by MSCI ESG Research (“MSCI”), the Company received an ESG score of AA on a scale of AAA-CCC. This places Polymetal among the companies with the highest ESG Rating in the Precious Metals sector.

"MSCI has a very clear and transparent assessment revealing all the strengths and improvement opportunities in the area of sustainable development, and we are proud that Polymetal has successfully progressed in the evaluation and become one of a few mining companies with such a high score", said Daria Goncharova, Chief Sustainability Officer at Polymetal. “This achievement is another testament of our commitment to sustainability as a key pillar of the Group’s strategy”.

MSCI has highlighted Polymetal’s safety initiatives and improvements, robust governance structure and business ethics practices, active engagement with local communities and robust approach to mitigating the risk of dam-related incidents.

MSCI provides in-depth research, ratings and analysis of the environmental, social and governance-related business practices of thousands of companies worldwide. The research is designed to provide critical insights that can help institutional investors identify risks and opportunities that traditional investment research may overlook. The MSCI ESG Ratings are also used in the construction of the MSCI ESG Indexes, produced by MSCI, Inc. Polymetal has been a constituent of the MSCI ESG Leaders Index since 2019.

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