Statement in relation to trading of shares on the London Stock Exchange

10 February 2023

Polymetal International plc (Polymetal or the “Company”) is aware of the disruption to trading during the course of the day on 9 February 2023.

During the course of 9 February 2023, one of the central counterparties (a “CCP”) which provides clearing and settlement services for trading on the London Stock Exchange (the “LSE”) determined that, for the time being, they are unable to clear trades in the Company’s shares (ISIN: JE00B6T5S470). A CCP is required to clear and settle trades between buyer and sellers, where shares are traded on the LSE’s electronic order book trading service, SETS. As a result of this action, the LSE put the trading in the Company’s shares into an auction call. The shares continued to trade during the course of 9 February 2023, but such trades were all on exchange, off-order book.

The LSE have subsequently issued a notification on 9 February 2023 to confirm that the Company’s shares will, from 10 February 2023, be transferred to the SETSqx platform segment for trading. SETSqx is an alternative trading service, which does not require clearing through a central counterparty.

The Company is working to restore trading on the SETS platform, if possible, as soon as practical but in the meantime confirms that the SETSqx platform should provide liquidity to investors.

The Company and the Group continue to comply rigorously with all relevant legislation and has extensive measures in place to observe and comply with all applicable international sanctions.

Polymetal would like to thank all affected shareholders for patience and understanding during this disruption which was out of the Company’s control.

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