Indices and awards

Polymetal has completed the divestment of its Russian business on 7 March 2024. Please see the relevant announcement at the link. Operating and financial results as well as other information on this website until 7 March 2024 represent the Group in its former organizational structure, i.e. including Russian business, unless otherwise stated.

  • Polymetal was included in the first tier of the ESG ranking of industrial companies published by the National Rating Agency.
  • Polymetal was ranked 6th among the companies with the most time allocated to personnel development, according to a study by the Smart Ranking agency on corporate education.
  • Polymetal was awarded Bronze Class Sustainability Award by S&P Global, which assessed over 7,500 companies. Bronze Class Sustainability Award means that the company’s score is within a range of 5% to 10% of the industry’s top-performing peers.
  • Polymetal won in three categories of the annual Russian award “Managing change. Visionaries” of the “+1” project: Best Corporate Governance Disclosure, Best Social Impact Disclosure and Best ESG Risk Management Disclosure.
  • Polymetal took the 4th place in the sustainable development rating of Russian companies by the Expert magazine.
  • Following the 2021 S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment, Polymetal has been reaffirmed as a member of the DJSI World for the second year in a row and DJSI Emerging Markets for the fourth year in a row.
  • Polymetal received an ESG Risk Rating of 15.91 and was assessed by Sustainalytics to be at low risk of experiencing material financial impact from ESG factors. This is an improvement from the prior year rating of 20.3 (medium risk).
  • Polymetal’s score improved from A to AA (on a scale from AAA-CCC), following the 2021 review of the MSCI ESG Ratings assessment, which places Polymetal among the companies with the highest ESG Rating in the Precious Metals sector.
  • Following the latest review by Vigeo Eiris, a global leader in ESG assessments, data, research and analytics, Polymetal’s ESG overall score improved to 69 (out of 100), corresponding to the Advanced level of performance and placing Polymetal on the 2nd place among 43 industry peers.
  • Polymetal took the 2nd place in St Petersburg’s social practices rating by the Delovoy Peterburg newspaper for its collaboration with public medical institutions and private clinics on scientific research into Covid-19 herd immunity.
  • According to the most recent ISS ESG Corporate Rating, Polymetal’s score improved from С+ to B-, crossing the Prime threshold.
  • Polymetal took the 7th place in Russia’s 30 most eco-friendly companies rating and the 2nd place for metals and mining companies in Russia by Forbes
  • Polymetal took the 46th place in the 100 Most Sustainably Managed Companies ranking by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ)
  • Polymetal became the 36th best employer in Russia among the biggest companies (>5000 employees) according to the HeadHunter.
  • Polymetal in the Sustainability Yearbook 2021 by S&P; Global
  • Polymetal took the 1st place in the ESG Ranking of Russian companies by RAEX-Europe.
  • Polymetal ranked 1st among its 47 peers worldwide by independent ESG research and ratings firm Sustainalytics.
  • Polymetal has been included into the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index (“DJSI”) for the first time.
  • Polymetal was reconfirmed as a member of FTSE4Good Index in the December 2018 index review achieving an ESG score of 4.4/5.0 compared to 4.0 received in June 2018.
  • Polymetal has become a top responder to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) among Russian companies, achieving a C score for its climate change report.
  • Polymetal became the winner of the local «Green frog Award» (GFA) (Deloitte award) in the «best disclosure of significant aspects» category.
  • Polymetal won the international contest "Ecological Culture. Peace and harmony"
  • 1st place in environmental responsibility rating for metals and mining companies in Russia by WWF and UNDP
  • 1st for labour productivity among biggest Russian metals and mining companies by Vedomosti
  • Polymetal became an ACCA approved employer
  • Best Technology Award at the Russian Mining Excellence Awards at the MINEX Russia 2017 Forum
  • Polymetal was shortlisted in the Best Remuneration Report category of the ICSA Awards 2017
  • Polymetal was shortlisted for Best ESG Communications at the IR Magazine Awards – Europe 2017
  • Okhotsk hub operations received the Best Industrial Safety Award in the Okhotsk Region from local government bodies
  • Omolon hub operations ranked 2nd for our measures to decrease the injury and occupational diseases rate in the Magadan region
  • Polymetal was awarded Best Social Partnership at the ‘Sponsor of the year in city of Magadan’ contest
  • Varvara was awarded Best Environmental Development in the Annual Paryz CSR business contest
  • Kyzyl was awarded best social partner in the Zharmin region and Best Socially Responsible Company of the year in East Kazakhstan
  • Viksha PGM was awarded Best Exploration Project at MINEX.
  • Polymetal has been named Employer of the Year by
  • Named Philanthropist of the Year in Khabarovsk region (Far East of Russia) by Russian Ministry of Culture.
  • Albazino won Best Pension Insurance Company Award in All-Russia Contest.
  • Varvara obtained a 3-year Certificate of Credibility (compliance with labour law) from Kazakhstan Government.
  • Kubaka land reclamation was named Best Project by People Investor.
  • Dukat won Magadan Government’s Best Employee Mentoring System Award.
  • Omolon came third in High Culture’s Creation contest.
  • Our CEO and PR director were ranked first in mining sector by biggest news agency Kommersant.
  • Polymetal was included in international sustainability index STOXX ESG Leaders.
  • Reaffirmed membership in FTSE4Good.
  • Renewed membership of Euronext Vigeo 70 Emerging Markets.
  • Best social partner award from the Magadan government.
  • Our ‘Healthy Environment’ programme was ranked in the Top 5 Best Projects by People Investor.
  • Polymetal was included in international sustainability indices: FTSE4Good and Euronext Vigeo 70 Emerging Markets.
  • Our senior managers were ranked top in the Best Managers lists compiled by different agencies.
  • We were included in the Top 10 for the best corporate communications and relations in Russia by Top-Comm 2015.

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