Polymetal demonstrated its innovative sustainability solutions

The Fourth Session of the United Nations Environment Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya, was organized on the theme “Innovative solutions for environmental challenges and sustainable consumption and production.” As an international driver in mining and sustainability practices, representatives of Polymetal participated in the Sustainable Innovation Expo, demonstrating Polymetal’s innovative solutions, a comprehensive approach to sustainability, and resolute commitment to sustainable development.

Polymetal presented its POX technology with the reduced environmental impact and safer methods of waste storage, such as the dry tailings stacking, pilot projects on introducing renewable energy together with its Environmental Management System at the Sustainability Innovation Expo. Polymetal representatives communicated with and educated participants of the Expo on Polymetal’s best environmental practices and successes as a leading sustainability company in metals and mining, while gaining insight into new innovative sustainability solutions. Polymetal’s presence at the Fourth Session of the UN Environment Assembly and the Sustainability Innovation Expo is part of Polymetal’s policies of quality education and continuous improvement.

In environmental stewardship, we continue to focus on zero-harm principles when designing and operating our mines. Our POX has several important design features that minimise environmental impact and mitigate against related risks. For Polymetal it was important to demonstrate our responsible approach on international level to all stakeholders groups and we hope it will encourage our partners to find different solutions in response to the grave challenges stemming from environmental degradation
CSO, Daria Goncharova

The UN Environment Assembly is part of a global trend to combat emerging environmental issues and to explore and promote innovative solutions to environmental and sustainability challenges. The UNEA 2019 was attended by five heads of state, 157 ministers and deputy ministers, and nearly 5,000 participants from 179 countries. In addition to the United Nations assembly, the event comprised of the Global Major Groups and Stakeholders Forum, the Science, Policy and Business Forum, and the Sustainable Innovation Expo.



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