Please find frequently asked questions regarding sustainable development below.

Where can I find the information on Polymetal’s sustainability strategy and ESG performance progress?

Polymetal yearly discloses qualitative and quantitative information on ESG in the Sustainability Report which is prepared in accordance with the GRI SRS and SASB Standard and is aligned with TCFD recommendations. The report is assured by PwC. We also disclose historical quantitative data in our Sustainability Datapack.

All of the above can be found in the Data Center via the link.

Our Code of Conduct, as well as Human Rights, Community Engagement, Environmental, Health and Safety, Anti-Bribery and other policies are available at our website.

What are social and environmental impacts of mining?

We have identified key impact areas of mining and we are working to maximise our positive and minimise any negative impacts, aligning them to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and setting targets to measure our progress. Explore our Impact and the UN SDGs Report via the link.

What are Polymetal’s ESG scores?

Polymetal’s ESG performance is regularly assessed by the world’s leading agencies and raters, such as S&P, MSCI ESG Ratings, Sustainalytics, ISS-Oekom and others. The current scores are reflected in our most recent ESG presentation and in Sustainability section of our website.

How does Polymetal prevent tailings dam accidents at its operations?

To date, there have been no environmental accidents involving tailings facilities at the Company’s operations. Our investigations confirmed that any emergency failure at our dams would have no impact on settlements, buildings, structures or facilities where communities or employees may be present. However, in light of incidents in our wider industry, in 2019, we published our first Tailings Storage Facilities Report which provides the detailed information on each facility, associated risks and mitigation measures.

In 2021, we published our second report on TSF management.

What is Polymetal’s exposure to physical climate risks related to the Company’s operations in permafrost regions?

As one third of our total reserves is situated in permafrost regions of Russia, we pay particular attention to physical risks attributable to the changing climate. To inform our stakeholders on our exposure to risks related to permafrost operations and how we manage them, we have issued a separate permafrost FAQ available in the Sustainability section of our website.

You are downloading Integrated Annual Report . Please note that some ESG data are available in Sustainability Performance Data 2021 (GRI and SASB) that outlines our key non‑financial performance information for financial year 2021. While the selected annual report is being downloaded, we want to draw your attention to the Sustainability Report. It provides detailed information on ESG indicators.

While the selected files are being downloaded, we want to draw your attention to the reports on the sustainable development of the company. They provide detailed information on ESG indicators.

You can also download historical data on sustainable development.